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President's Corner

The early morning and evening air is cool; a sure sign that summer is coming to an end. Driving around the countryside the last couple of weeks I noticed, compared to recent summers, that some of the smaller sloughs dried up with our warmer weather. Although records were set for high temperatures and lack of rainfall in the southern part of the province, there was an excess of rain in the north. We had at least three major storms in the Saskatoon area resulting in damage to property. Anyone who travelled west this summer experienced wildfires of historic proportions in the forests of B.C. It seems to have been a summer of extremes.

Once again, Peter Flood has organized a series of interesting speakers to enlighten us on a wide range of topics about the natural world. Given this extreme weather, it is fitting that our first guest speaker of the 2017-2018 season will be Elaine Wheaton, member of the International Panel on Climate Change. Some of you may have heard her speak at the August 20th screening at the Roxy Theatre of Al Gore's new documentary, 'An Inconvenient Sequel'. The dramatic images of collapsing glaciers in Greenland, fish swimming in the flooded streets of Miami Beach, melting asphalt in Indian heatwaves and the firestorm in Fort McMurray were a sobering reminder of the relentless effects of climate change and the stress it places on the natural world we all appreciate.

Just a reminder that Nature Saskatchewan's Fall Meet will be held in Elbow on September 29 - October 1. See Nature Saskatchewan's website for details about registration and information about the program ( There is a discount if you register before September 22nd.

Valerie Martz
SNS President

Last updated: 13 September, 2017