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President's message

During a recent driving trip to Ontario we spent several days in Ottawa, taking the opportunity to visit one of our favorite museums there, the Museum of Nature which has been recently renovated. There was an interesting exhibit about the effect of climate change on Northern Canada that included the Indigenous peoples' perspective. The ornithology section has been revamped extensively. No longer are stuffed birds shown in display cases by family, but the displays are more interactive and group birds by various characteristics to illustrate size, shape, song etc. I recommend a visit if you have the opportunity to visit Ottawa or visit the museum's website for a virtual tour of some of the featured exhibits. See

While we were away the new North Commuter Parkway, Chief Mistawasis Bridge and the Central Avenue extension opened. The Swale Watchers have been very active in raising awareness about the issues related to construction of these new roads, and movement of traffic and animals through the conservation area. They have organized a meeting on October 30 to update the public about the current issues. We expect that SNS will play a role in some aspect of the citizen-science monitoring proposed.

Also on the civic front, we continue to provide input to the City's Green Infrastructure Strategy (GIS). It's an approach "in which natural areas and other green and open spaces are considered important infrastructure". The GIS baseline inventory report was released in May, 2018 and is available at the City's website. The next phase involves getting input about the development of Saskatoon's Natural Area Standards and Urban Forestry Management Plan from stakeholders like SNS.

Meewasin is proposing future trail upgrades. In addition, upgrades are proposed to the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan site, and for the area between the Children's Discovery Museum and the Shakespeare site. SNS has been invited to presentations to learn about these proposed changes. It is important that we provide input into various development projects.

Thanks to those who braved the cold weather to help with the clean-up of invasive Caragana and European Buckthorn at the Saskatoon Natural Grasslands. The removal helped to uncover a bison rubbing stone. We hope we can organize similar events next season.

For your information renovations continue around the Biology building. The North door facing Science Crescent is still blocked off, and renovations to the wing in which the lounge is located are starting soon. It means making a change to where we have our refreshments.

Thanks to those who have switched to receiving their newsletters electronically. It saves on postage and volunteer time, plus you will get the newsletter in colour and sooner than via mail. If you wish to switch to an electronic newsletter please contact Claire Bullaro at c.bear [at]

Valerie Martz
SNS President

Last updated: 7 November, 2018